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Should RDA of Vitamin C Be Increased?

An excellent diet can provide the current RDA of vitamin C. But is that enough? What if you have a condition that increases inflammation in your body? Read this and decide for yourself. [Read more]

Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C: What’s the Real Story?

An informative article by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service brought to you by Wholesale Nutrition. The truth behind vitamin C rumors regarding acidity, probiotics, and GMO’s. Don’t listen to the uninformed opinions of naysayers. Listen to the science and make informed decisions about your health. [Read more]

Vitamin C Prevents and Cures Heat Exhaustion

Are you heat intolerant? Our bodies need almost double the amount of fluids, electrolytes, B vitamins and vitamin C in the summer months. [Read more]

Stroke Morbidity Tripled for Anemic Patients

Vitamin C greatly increases iron absorption, but not all vitamin C products. Sodium ascorbate, buffered vitamin C, increases absorption at a much higher rate than calcium ascorbate. [Read more]

Should Kids Take Vitamin C?

There are many specific reasons why children need vitamin C. Coping with stress, producing growth hormones, and avoiding obesity are just a few. [Read more]

Reversing Degenerative Disc Disease

Don’t believe that degenerative discs cannot be repaired with vitamins and supplements. Vitamin C powders, like sodium ascorbate, can help you to regenerate your disc tissues. [Read more]


Review by Orthomolecular Medicine detailing differences in vitamin C forms: sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, vitamin C powder, chewable vitamin C, and more. [Read more]

How to Maximize Your Vitamin C Benefits

Learn how to determine the right dosage of sodium ascorbate, the best vitamin C, for you. Disable your body’s ability to develop disease. [Read more]

Are Vitamins and Supplements Safe?

Over 60 billion doses supplements/year in the US, and no fatalities. News from, known for the best vitamin C powder on the market, C-Salts. [Read more]

How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Learn how to control the genetic longevity of your cells’ lives. Use exercise and appropriate supplementation with the best vitamin C powder, sodium ascorbate. [Read more]

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