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Product Reviews

Cure Influenza Super Fast
by Chan S. I. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.on May 17, 2012

I am a General Medical Practitioner for over 40 years and I have discovered the C-Salt I take regularly at 12 to 15 grams daily can also be the best cure for persistent symptoms of Influenza. Just take 5 grams every 2 hours till body tolerance as indicated by a sudden toilet run. Then maintain that dose per day and the influenza will disappear like magic. I got rid of my last attack in just 2 days flat and for me my tolerance dose was just over 45 grams a day. The tolerance dose is very individualized. For some it may be as low as 25 grams and for some it may be much more than 50 grams. Just have to test it yourself. You will get only one run and there is no discomfort like colic. Great thing is, it works for every one and every time you use it this way.

Rated: 5 Stars

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