Our digestive tract, from top to bottom, is the source of a great many of our ailments and many Doctors lay much of the blame on our low intake of dietary fiber. Depending how you define "fiber", we ate about 25 grams per day 100 years ago, but today we're lucky to get 5 grams. (Some fiber authorities feel 40 grams per day to be the goal for optimum health.) Fiber in the diet facilitates the elimination of waste products from the body and thus decreases the time food lingers in the intestines. This transit time averages from less than a day in high fiber areas of the world, to over 3 days in the U.S. So it was with all this in mind, and more, that Wholesale Nutrition and the Department of Chemistry of the Eurotechnical Research University, of Hilo, Hawaii, teamed up to develop a very high-quality, very high-fiber, hypoallergenic formula we named "EUROFIBER". It contains Psyllium Husks, Pectin and Guar Gum - a synergistic combination of the best soluble fibers - plus vitamin C. The roughage and bulk thus provided enhance normal digestion and elimination. We're selling an 18 oz bottle for $18.00 - under 16 cents per serving and just over half the price (per gram of fiber) of the next best fiber product on the market which is sweetened, and has only a 300th the vitamin C in our EUROFIBER. Here's some label data:


There are 113 servings per bottle. Each 4.5 gram serving (one rounded teaspoon) provides:

VITAMIN C  (Ascorbic Acid):           300 mg = 0.3 gr
  (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc):   0.1 gr
FOOD ENERGY:                              1/2 Calorie
FIBER CONTENT:                                 4.0 gr

EUROFIBER is hypoallergenic and contains NO colors, flavors, sweeteners, or excipients whatsoever.

DIRECTIONS: Add 4.5 gr (1 rounded teaspoon) to a half glass of water. Stir briskly and drink up. Rinse down with at least another 1/2 glass of water.

DOSAGE: 1 to 3 times/day about 1/2 hour before meals. If once per day, take before your highest protein meal.


"Fiber" is an unfortunate term. We think of a filament-like material such as Shredded Wheat, or a flake-like material such as wheat germ - but not so! "Fiber" really should be called "Bulk" since it refers to the desired fecal bulking provided when these foods are ingested. However, we'll still refer to these bulking foods as "fiber". How then is "fiber" defined?

As recently as April 1984, at a Fiber Conference at George Washington University, in Washington DC, this problem of the definition of a fiber was still being hotly debated:

An ANALYTICAL definition is impractical since there are about a half dozen different analytical methods of determining fiber content, each of which gives a different answer.

A CHEMICAL definition of fiber would include the celluloses, hemicelluloses, mucilages, pectins, and gums. But such a list doesn't help us much. How can one use such a definition to determine if another product rated as a fiber?

HUSKS, SHELLS, AND CELL WALLS might provide the basis of a fiber definition - but guar gum, for instance, originates from within the plant.

A PHYSIOLOGICAL definition might include any PLANT material NOT digested by human digestive enzymes. But pectin, for instance, undergoes much digestion in the colon by bacteria, yet is still considered a fiber. What difference can it make whether a fiber is digested by human enzymes or by bacteria? Well the fact that bacteria in our gut may digest much of certain fibers passing through doesn't really affect the definition because: 1. Only a small fraction of the fiber is digested. 2. The fiber that WAS digested likely had accomplished most of its mission before it was digested. 3. The digestion of the fiber resulted in few if any calories.

Our fiber consultant presently prefers the physiological definition of a fiber as being that part of a plant NOT digested by human digestive enzymes. However this leaves us with many products, such as waxes, that satisfy this definition of a fiber, but which aren't really suitable as a good product for human consumption because they're not water thickening or bulking agents. They may provide some roughage, but very little bulk. OUR definition, then, and one that seems to work, is:

THE EMPIRICAL DEFINITION: A fiber is any material, NOT digested in the human stomach, that aids the movement and elimination of food by retaining water and increasing fecal bulk.

Take psyllium husk, for instance, which is one of the ingredients of EUROFIBER - psyllium husk is one of the most highly efficient bulking agents known, and when taken with adequate water, provides dozens of times the bulk volume of the initial amount.


GUAR GUM is one of the most efficient water- thickening agents known - due to its ability to bind and immobilize large amounts of water by vastly increasing its viscosity. It is the fiber on which the greatest amount of research has been done and is the most effective for the ability to lower serum cholesterol and to improve glucose tolerance. The consensus of opinion is that the total amount of glucose absorbed into the body through the gut barrier ends up the same, but that guar gum slows down the process. This slowing of the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream is thought to reduce the insulin requirements of diabetics and to avoid the large swings of blood sugar that we all, especially diabetics and hypoglycemics, should avoid. EUROFIBER, with its included guar gum, must be taken about the same time as the sugar in order to slow the absorption. We suggest taking EUROFIBER about 1/2 hour before eating for best results, including the appetite suppressing effect.

PSYLLIUM SEED HUSK is primarily used for its bulking ability (absorbing water and expanding to 40 or 50 times its original volume), and secondarily for its ability to lower serum cholesterol.

PECTIN also has good bulking qualities due to its gelling and thickening properties. It is also an excellent source of absorbable silicon. A number of valuable biologic effects of pectin have been reported, including an antidiarrhea effect, a serum cholesterol- lowering effect, and an effect on the nitrogen metabolism. The human body produces no pectolytic enzymes, and so pectin passes unchanged to the large intestine where bacteria use pectin as their carbohydrate source. Even though pectin is broken down in the intestinal tract, it has no caloric value.

VITAMIN C is required by the body for hundreds of different metabolic pathways, but is included in EUROFIBER because it actively improves the product in the following ways: 1. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) provides an acid solution which improves the gelling properties of the fibers. 2. Vitamin C in combination with calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc (included in EUROFIBER) is a good disbursant, helping to prevent major clumping after mixing with water. 3. Vitamin C speeds up the liver's conversion of serum cholesterol into bile acid, an important digestant. Fiber and vitamin C are synergistic in that fiber helps lower the cholesterol level by demanding bile which can only be supplied when ample vitamin C is present. (Vitamin C also helps oxidize and destroy cholesterol within the liver.) 4. Fiber and vitamin C were found to be the most effective food ingredients in decreasing the risk of colon and rectal cancer. (Kune, et al, Nutrition & Cancer, 1987) 5. Vitamin C has excellent laxative properties. Dr Linus Pauling took 12 grams (12,000 milligrams) of vitamin C in the morning for its laxative effect, and 6 more grams throughout the day.


No fibers, such as gum arabic, are used to which persons can be allergic. Other items NOT included are: wheat, corn, gluten, bran, yeast, soy, egg or dairy products, etc. Nor are any fillers, colors, flavors, fragrances, sugars, or other sweeteners, natural or synthetic, used. In particular, we don't use aspartame, a manmade sweetener that has recently (Spring 1984, Jour. of Applied Nutrition) been condemned as the only source of highly toxic methanol that doesn't provide the very protective antidote, ethanol, along with it. Whenever you take aspartame, we suggest you have a sip of beer or wine with it!

EUROFIBER, therefore, because it's unflavored and unsweetened, is rather tasteless. You certainly can add your own flavors or sweeteners if you like, such as sugar, saccharin, or Sweet 'n Low. But sodium or calcium cyclamate, the best, and only safe sweeteners, are expected to be approved soon, when the FDA gets its head out of the political sand. It already is being used privately to sweeten EUROFIBER by those persons who can smuggle cyclamates into the U.S. from Canada, Europe, Mexico, or most any other country of the world. Anyway, it's EUROFIBER's lack of taste that allows it to be used as a healthy, efficient, and economical thickener for soups, gravies, puddings, etc. NOTE!: Very little EUROFIBER will do a lot of thickening! It must be stirred into a liquid before adding to foods.

Phytic acid and the phytates (such as are found in high levels in bran) probably bind vitamins and minerals from food and prevent their absorption into the body. This fact, however, is still being debated in the literature, and any losses are probably not great. In any event, EUROFIBER contains no phytates.


The following paragraph on the proper mixing of EUROFIBER replaces 2 paragraphs listing the known and probable benefits of a fiber regimen. These paragraphs were removed at the insistence of the U.S. FDA and the U.S. Postal Service. It seems what we feel is our obligation to fully inform our customers, they consider "fraudulent solicitation of monies".

MIXING EUROFIBER: Eurofiber mixes with water only with great difficulty. Other companies put an equal amount of excipients (such as sugar) to improve the mixing properties. Since we refuse to include these unhealthy additives, we get the occasional complaint. A blender is ideal, but is messy. We suggest you just toss your teaspoon of EUROFIBER into the glass as water runs into it from the tap, and stir briskly. Paper cups will save a time-consuming cleanup.

There are 2 reasons why fiber is thought to reduce the risk of HEART DISEASE: 1. It has been found that fiber in the digestive tract increases the demand for bile. The liver uses up cholesterol to make this bile which the gall bladder dumps into the intestine where the fiber is. 2. Fiber increases the ratio of "high density" to "low density" cholesterol which tends to clear up the circulatory system of fatty deposits.

The risk of COLON CANCER is also felt to be decreased with fiber. Two reasons: First, the digestion of pectin (by bacteria) results in short-chain fatty ACIDS. This may be the reason why colon cancer is rarely found in high-pectin areas of the world, since an alkaline (non- acid) stool is thought to be one of the major causes. Any meat, for instance, escaping digestion in the stomach, produces ammonia in the colon, resulting in alkaline stools, and can be one reason why vegetarians have considerably less colon cancer than meat-eaters. The second reason pectin and other fibers are thought to help prevent colon cancer is by their decreasing the buildup and residence time of these carcinogens, teratogens, & mutagens in the digestive tract.

C O N S T I P A T I O N :

Avoiding constipation is one of the most basic goals of good health. The importance of the regular elimination of soft stools just can't be overemphasized. Constipation is a sign of poor health, excess stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, insufficient liquids, lack of roughage, lack of vitamin C or other supplements, and can lead to hemorrhoids, lack of energy, great pain, gas, painful elimination, and many ailments, such as bowel cancer, that result from the long "gut residence time" of your food. Dr Irwin Stone said "occasional Hyper-Bowel-Tolerance doses of vitamin C (to liquid diarrhea) is insurance against colonic cancer". Elvis Presley died while straining at the stool. He was on drugs which are extremely constipating. The drug, methadone, which our bureaucracy, in its ignorance, forces on young addicts paying to attend the 1000's of drug rehab centers in the U.S., is so constipating and so debilitating that 80% to 90% of the addicts return to the street. Gov't pressure forced us to withdraw our economical Vitamin-C-based Drug Rehab Kit after 8 years of success! It was the only alternative to the useless, highly-addictive drug, methadone.


1. Take vitamin C to "bowel tolerance" (almost liquid diarrhea), normally about 5 to 15 grams/day.

2. NEVER EVER strain at the stool!! If the occasion arises, just take a few grams of vitamin C every hour or so, with plenty of liquid, until you meet with success.

3. Eat fiber-containing foods to provide roughage and bulk. EUROFIBER is 88% fiber (40% Bran Flakes are less than 4% fiber and Wheat Germ is less than 3%).

4. Avoid constipating foods such as dairy products and proteins, especially cheese, red meats, and the free amino acids. Sugar not only constipates, but kills, too! Say NO to drugs! ALL addicts are constipated.

5. Eat LESS total food, but drink MORE liquids.

6. Exercise more. Just 10 minutes a day should be sufficient if you can work up a light sweat.

7. Don't fret! Constipation causes worry and stress, and they in turn cause constipation. Have a nice day!

8. Keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature and don't rush! RELAX!

9. Worried about privacy, or smells, or noises, or embarrassments? Forget it! Your health is more important than what others, with hangups, may think.

10. Answer the call of Nature as soon as possible!

By following the above tips, you'll never have to worry again about constipation!! Moisture and volatile fatty acids lubricate the feces to such a degree that your time at the stool will be brief and pleasurable instead of being a time-consuming, painful, dreaded task that you tend to put off and thus make even more difficult. Your years of constipation will be just a bad memory.

Just follow the above "Ten Commandments", CONSISTENTLY, EVERY DAY, and your health and happiness will noticeably improve, as will your looks and complexion. You'll not only feel better, but you'll feel better about yourself. You'll live much longer, too. What more can you ask?

W A R N I N G !

DON'T EAT EUROFIBER DRY. This goes for any fine powder and can be DANGEROUS by causing you to choke or gag due to its moisture-absorbing action. For instance, don't toss it on cereal. Fiber must first be stirred in with enough liquid to allow for considerable absorption.


Are you comparing our EUROFIBER (18 oz for $18) with Brand B's Fiber Blend (19 oz for $10.95)? Do they really have more fiber for less money? Look at the following table! Even though we were on the market a year before they, we excel in every respect:

EUROFIBER:                   FIBER BLEND:
=====================      ===============
88% fiber                   33% fiber
4 cents/gram of fiber       6.1 cents/gram of fiber
75 mg Vit C/gram fiber      1/4 mg Vit C/gram fiber
No sugars                   Top ingredient: Sugar!
No sodium                   7 mg sodium/gram fiber
No flavors                  Contains flavors, spice
No phytates                 Contains phytates
Hypoallergenic              Non-Hypoallergenic
Tasteless, fine thickener   Sweet, useless in recipes
One rounded tsp/serving     Two heaping tsp/serving

© 1984

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