Any attempt to adequately write about Archie Kalokerinos would need a thousand pages and would incorporate many such adjectives as: far-sighted, intelligent, sensible, observant, honest, caring, altruistic, congenial, meticulous, brave, dogged, intrepid, and last but not least, the trite, but well-deserved, "great".

I first heard about the great Dr Archie Kalokerinos from another "great", the great Dr Irwin Stone. In 1975 he introduced me to Archie's work with SIDS and convinced me to offer his book, "Every Second Child" to the public through my mail-order company (Wholesale Nutrition). Don't I wish I kept a few of those $8 Australian hard-cover copies since they now fetch, with a fine dust jacket, about $100!

Archie, and his co-worker, Dr Glen Dettman, were coming on one of their frequent lecture tours of the U.S. in 1979 and, since I was planning to put on a Vitamin C seminar about that time, Irwin Stone suggested the date should coincide with their visit, and that the goal of the seminar should be to publicize Archie's pioneer work and successes with SIDS. This I did. Two hundred persons attended this very successful seminar. The featured speakers were, of course, Archie and Glen, along with Drs Irwin Stone, John F. Catchpool, Bob Cathcart, Bernie Rimland, Wendell Belfield, and Bob Erdmann. Never had I realized the value of such get-togethers for the mutual benefit of all. Tremendous amounts of information flowed freely before, during, and after the meetings. It was all repeated again 2 years later when our 2nd seminar coincided with Archie and Glen's next U.S. lecture tour and with the release of Archie's U.S. paperback edition of "Every Second Child" (Keats Publishing), which is still available. Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw also spoke at this 1981 seminar and met Archie for the first time. Again, enlightenment and friendship sprang from every corner for 2 days.

Over the years, Archie and Glen have toured the U.S. many times, always, of course, stopping in California to lecture and to pay homage to another "great", their good friend, the great Linus Pauling, who wrote a 2-page Foreword to "Every Second Child". In that Foreword, Pauling agrees with Archie's conclusion that the high infant mortality rate among Aborigines is due to immunizations and a low body content of vitamin C and writes that "Dr Kalokerinos deserves much credit for making these discoveries." Dr Pauling, in another fine Foreword, this one to the forthcoming book by Dettman and Kalokerinos, "Vitamin C - Nature's Miraculous Healing Missile", writes of his disappointment after nearly 20 years since "Every Second Child" first appeared, and that "even today none of the many Crib Death organizations will even discuss vitamin C. Perhaps they will change their minds after reading Dr Ronald Kilgour's unsolicited letter in this present volume." And further on, Dr Pauling continues, "It will be interesting to see if this book, for which I'm honored to have been invited to write the Foreword, will turn the tide for vitamin C."

Only once have I had the pleasure of visiting Archie and his understanding wife, Catherine, at their home in Bingara, in the outback of New South Wales. It's an old mining town, with a fine "Lookout Point" where you can see 1000 square miles of barren wasteland. A few large pieces of rusting 100-year-old mining equipment, Archie's surgery (office), and the Bingara Tip (Dump), were about the only tourist "attractions". But Catherine's cooking was excellent, insuring a successful visit. Archie gave me a letter of introduction to two of his old cronies, Bill Petrohelos and Peter Russo (you'll read about them in "Every Second Child"), in Lightning Ridge and Collarenebri, NSW, the centers for Australia's most beautiful opals. I should mention that Archie is probably THE World authority on Australian Opal. One of my most treasured possessions is his 1967 book, "In Search of Opal", inscribed to me "in appreciation of your friendship". His second opal book, "Australian Precious Opal", published in 1971, was the first serious study of Opal, it's description, classification, and its evaluation. It's a beautiful book, its photos are superb, it's out of print, I own a copy, I'm going to keep it, and I'm going to take it with me!

Anyway, his old cronies, Bill and Pete, showed me a great time in the opal fields, down into the mines, drilling, cussing, eating, even a Saturday night dance. Everyone remembered well of Archie and had many happy stories to relate about the good old days of feast and famine (some of which are unprintable). It's a life we'd all like to experience for awhile, and I expect Archie misses it from time to time. But then, after just a few moments of reminiscing, he must soon realize his real world, his best world, is his life with his "great" wife, Catherine (the great?), and their two fine kids, in Tamworth, NSW, where they've retired. Retired? As you read this, Archie is scheduled to speak at an Immunization Seminar in Alaska. No, Catherine, nobody really believes Archie will ever retire completely. Would you want it any other way? We wouldn't!

No, we wouldn't ever want Archie to retire because we need him to fight with us against all those strange, powerful, officials out there whose motives and actions are incomprehensible to us. Despite all his years in the opal mines in the Australian Outback, the only times I've ever seen Archie swear or get angry is when he's discussing regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, who are clearly killing more people than they're saving, and all those other ubiquitous, near-sighted (or near-blind), bureaucrats of both Australia and the U.S. - whom he refers to as "those bloody bahstards". Please, Catherine, keep 90% for yourself, but would you tithe the rest of Archie to the world?

© 1993 Oscar Falconi, Saratoga, Calif. 95070, U.S.A. 2001 Update: Since the above tribute was written, 3 important events took place:
(1) Our great friend and colleague, Dr Glen Dettman, died 11 Oct 1994. A memoriam to Glen can be found at
(2) In 2000, Archie was honored as "The Greek-Australian of the 20th Century".
(3) Also in 2000, Archie's latest book, "Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century", was published. Nearly 500 pages cover his experiences as a medical doctor, opal mining, Aborigines, SIDS, vaccines, ear infections, infant death, and much more. His 30-page chapter on "Shaken Babies" has become the Bible for parents being charged with murder when in fact their baby died as a result of mandated vaccinations. Please see:

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