For 5 years, since 1978, I've been writing in these newsletters about Dr Archie Kalokerinos and his finding that vitamin C almost certainly prevents SIDS, the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We've been selling his book, "Every Second Child", at a loss. We've had him, and his colleague, Dr Glen Dettman, speak at our Vitamin C Seminars and tell how a mere 25 cents' worth of C per MONTH is all that's necessary to protect a baby. Dr Irwin Stone, Mrs Stone, and I, attended meetings of "The SIDS Guild", written many letters, given out hundreds of books, gratis, and visited several doctors and coroners. And with what results? None whatever! The various SIDS groups are more concerned with their pulse and respiration monitors (rented at many 100's of dollars per MONTH) than with prevention. And they go on and on about how to handle GUILT feelings after losing a baby, which, of course, is sheer nonsense when the parents were unaware of any preventive methods. The only GUILT lies with the SIDS Groups themselves who even refuse to DISCUSS the possibility that SIDS might be related to vitamin C! In their meetings, where the smoke-level is remarkably high, never is a Smoking-vs-SIDS study ever discussed. The level of discussion, and the quality of questions is primitive. In fact, I estimate the IQ level of the average SIDS parent to be about 80 or 90. Of this I'm convinced. And since I feel that intelligence (or the lack of) is hereditary, it would be hypocritical of me to continue my campaign to rid the world of SIDS when all I'd accomplish would be the proliferation of the unfit and the further decimation of America's gene pool. Most of the 100's of lives that Dr Kalokerinos has saved in Australia over the past 15 years have been Aborigines known to be one of the world's most primitive and unproductive peoples. I can understand why the Australian gov't (and maybe our gov't) protects its gene pool by ignoring the solution to the SIDS tragedy - vitamin C. So, except for offering Dr Kalokerinos's book until my stock runs out, this is the last you'll be hearing about SIDS and vitamin C in these Newsletters! In addition, the price of the book will now be $3.00, up where it belongs, and none will be given away. I just hope that the people willing to spend 3 bucks, to learn how to protect their babies, have IQ's over 100.

© 1983 Oscar Falconi, Saratoga CA 95070, U.S.A.

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