How C-Salts Works


THE PROBLEM WITH OTHER VITAMIN C PROUCTS: What's the best way to take megadoses (from 2 - 50 grams) of Vitamin C every day? All the solutions to this problem, until now, have had disadvantages such as: (1) High acidity and sour taste (ascorbic acid, crystal and tablet form). (2) High sodium (chewable tablets & sodium ascorbate crystals). (3) Very bitter taste (calcium ascorbate crystals). (4) Unwanted excipients (all tablets). (5) High cost (all tablets and calcium ascorbate). Many buy the least expensive form of C, ascorbic acid crystals, and mask the taste by mixing in orange juice, not realizing the high-sugar juice costs more than the C.

THE SOLUTION: C-Salts™ - You'll get your vitamin C as a good-tasting carbonated mineral water beverage, PLUS a good supply of hard-to-get minerals all in solution as their highly-absorbable ascorbates. C-Salts™ is corn free and Non GMO. Notice there is NO SODIUM or SUGAR. Of course, there are NO preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors of any sort. In fact, there are NO excipients whatever, you get just what's on the label. C-Salts™ is the healthy, effective Vitamin C your body derserves!

IT TAKES JUST A FEW SECONDS to mix up a C-Salts™ drink and is just the ticket as a digestive aid after meals, or just as a convenient, pleasant source of megadoses of vitamin C. In addition, over 94% of the ascorbic acid's acidity is neutralized by the effervescent reaction resulting in a carbonated drink similar to mineral water.

EASY DIRECTIONS: Add JUST 1 or 2 OUNCES of cold water onto a slightly rounded teaspoon of C-Salts™. Swirl the mixture. Add more water or juice only after the bubbling subsides. Drink and enjoy. Add more water and drink any leftovers. C-Salts™ is normally cloudy.

NOTICE: It's imperative to understand that with EACH drink you'll be getting 4 full grams (4000 milligrams) of vitamin C. Most persons can handle this amount in one dose, but some who are unaccustomed to large doses can easily get diarrhea and/or gas with as little as 1 gram. It'll help to take your C-Salts™ with or after a meal. C-Salts™ looks and tastes much like mineral water, so be careful how much you take.

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS REPLACE THE CAP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since C-SALTS quickly absorbs water from the air. DO NOT REFRIGERATE C-Salts™ since humidity in the bottle will condense onto the crystals and start the reaction. Effervescent forms of Vitamin C are VERY HUMIDITY-SENSITIVE. So DO NOT PUT DAMP SPOONS into the bottle! DO NOT ALLOW WATER TO SPLASH into the cap or bottle! DO NOT REFRIGERATE! Replace DRY cap TIGHTLY. C-Salts™ will effervesce & pour easily for two years after opening if kept properly. Folks in humid areas such as Florida, Hawaii, or Louisiana: TAKE SPECIAL CARE!   



Back in 1990 Dr Andrew Weil first recommended Wholesale Nutrition's C-Salts in his book, "Natural Health, Natural Healing". In 1997 he again recommended our C-Salts™ in his best seller, "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health". In this last book, he suggested taking 1 to 2 grams of vitamin C two or three times per day, for a total of 2 to 6 grams per day. [1 gram = 1000 mg]

Q. - The C-Salts™ instructions say to add a teaspoon of the powder to an ounce [about 1/8th glass] of water in order to get 4 grams of vitamin C. Suppose I want only 1 gram of vitamin C? 
A. - Merely mix 1/4 teaspoon of the powder into 1/4 ounce [about 2 teaspoons] of water. It'll still take about 15 seconds for the bubbling to subside. But see the next question.

Q. - I don't like bothering to mix C-Salts™ 3 times every day! Any suggestions?           
A. - Yes. You can mix up a days' supply at one time and keep it in your refrigerator. You can then sip it at will. After a couple days, the liquid will turn slightly yellow, at which time you should drink it up. Make a fresh batch when next needed.

Q. - Can I mix the C-Salts™ powder directly into an ounce of orange juice?
A. - No!! It'll foam up and make a mess. Mix the C-Salts with water, as directed. Then, AFTER the bubbling stops, you may add the orange juice, or more water, or whatever pleases you.

Q. - Should I keep the C-Salts™ in the refrigerator?
A. - No!! When you put a closed bottle of C-Salts into the refrigerator, the humidity in the bottle reaches the dew point, and water droplets begin condensing onto the powder and start the chemical reaction. And when you remove the cold bottle from the refrigerator to get more C-Salts, then the warm humid room air enters the bottle and immediately condenses onto the powder, creating a mess after many openings and closings. It's much better to leave the bottle at room temperature, out of the sun, and away from stoves, ovens, toasters, etc.

Q. - What's the shelf life of C-Salts™ after purchase?
A. - An unopened bottle will last several years at room temperature. If, after opening your bottle, you use a DRY teaspoon to remove the C-Salts, and don't splash water onto the powder, and always replace the cap immediately, and keep the bottle cool [but not in the refrigerator], then the C-Salts should last two years.

Q. - How can I tell if my C-Salts™ is still OK?
A. - If the powder is still white or slightly yellow, and if it still pours freely, and if it still effervesces, then your C-Salts is quite usable. Even if any or all of the above conditions are not completely satisfied, the great majority of vitamin C, and all of the minerals, are still available.

Q. - We`re going away for the summer and we have several bottles [opened and unopened] of C-Salts™ that we have to leave at home for months in the heat. Is there anything we can do?
A. - Yes. Open the warm [room temperature] bottles and put them into a FROST-FREE refrigerator [which is extremely dry inside] with the caps and paper seals removed. After about 24 hours, most of the humidity will disappear. Without removing the bottles from the refrigerator, quickly replace the room temperature caps. Your bottles will remain fresh in this condition, stored in the refrigerator, for many years. When you eventually need to open a bottle, it's extremely important you let it remain at room temperature for at least 2 or 3 hours before removing the cap.

Q. - What is that bitter tasting residue I sometimes find after I've had my C-Salts™ drink?
A. - That's some of the zinc that hasn't reacted with the ascorbic acid. Stirring the drink while it's bubbling will help. We could easily have eliminated the zinc and make C-Salts taste better, but we feel the additional zinc is worth the slight taste degradation.