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  • C-Salts is the best Vitamin C product I have ever used and I've been taking Vitamin C for over 40 years!...A must for everyone...We HIGHLY recommend this product.
    Sandra - Charleston, SC
  • Best Vitamin C Ever! Thanks to my doctor, I was introduced to C-Salts and now purchase them for myself, family & friends. WONDERFUL product!
    Jessica - Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • At the first sign of the sniffles, we immediately reach for the C-salts. Our symptoms never progress beyond that.
    Jamie - Medina, NY
  • 25 years of experience with C-Salts...I guess you could say I'm a fan.
    Alta - Carmicheal, CA
  • Superior product. Very refreshing drink. By far the best way to take mega-doses of buffered Vitamin C.
    David - Memphis, TN
  • I have been taking C-Salts daily for about five years or so and it is amazing how much better I feel...Great product!
    Jeanne - Manteno, IL
  • Whenever I use this product, I can feel its effects right away. Plus it tastes great!
    Ralph - Cheektowaga, NY
  • I've been using C-Salts for several years now and think it's the best buffered Vitamin C out there.
    Judith - Covington, OK
  • I LOVE getting my Vitamin C this way! Excellent product!
    Jeanne - Rockford, MI
  • I have not been in a doctors office since I started taking your C-Salts.
    Cindy - Olathe, KS
  • I've used this product for years and highly recommend it. You can get a good dose of buffered c without the sugar.
    Sue - Chicago, IL
  • Best Vitamin C I've Tried...I notice it's direct effect right away...I cannot say enough about C-Salts.
    Dana - Lutz, FL
  • I used to get bronchitis annually. 14 years ago I was introduced to C-Salts and have not been to the Doctor for antibiotics since. I'm a user for life!
    Harry - Manteca, CA
  • Every part of my body has improved since taking this marvelous product.
    Sandra - Charleston, SC
  • C-Salts is a product I can't say enough about, but to be concise, I doubt I've had a cold in all the years I've used it. We're customers for life!
    Diana & David - Avila Beach, CA
  • I have been taking C-Salts for many years, ordering from Wholesale Nutrition. They are an excellent company and this is simply the best Vitamin C available!
    Luis - Paris, France

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