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Each Brewers Yeast tablet contains 7.5 grains (486 mg) of debittered Brewers Yeast.

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Brewers Yeast

Product #: YEAST Size: 1000 tablets Strength: 486 mg Serving Size: 6 tablets Availability: ships immediately

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Brewers yeast tablets are often used as a source of B-complex vitamins, chromium, and selenium. The B-complex vitamins in brewers yeast include B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), and H or B7 (biotin). These vitamins help break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which provide the body with energy. They also support the nervous system, help maintain the muscles used for digestion, and keep skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and liver healthy. Read more…(UMM)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars Got Mosquitoes?
by Phil M from Rural Idaho, USA on May 19, 2014
  I not only get the benefits of natural B vitamins taking this product, but I have noticed the added benefit that mosquitoes leave me alone. They may land on me, but they do not bite! Not sure why, but it's a fact!
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