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Product Reviews

liposomal C
by Phil M from Rural Idaho, USA on Apr 25, 2014

For me, this is the best product for making liposomal vitamin C. I do this by combining 20gm sunflower lecithin, 16 oz. distilled water, and 20gm sodium ascorbate powder in a blender, then "encapsulating" the C into the lecithin using an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner. This provides 2.5gm per oz of encapsulated Vitamin C, in lecithin. I have read that up to 90% of the C gets assimilated into your system this way, as opposed to 20% otherwise; And without any stomach problems. Some argue liposomal encapsulated C is better than taking vitamin C intravenously! I currently take 14 grams vitamin C daily, using a combination of liposomal C (10 grams) and C-salts (4 grams). No stomach upset and I feel GREAT!! Extremely fast shipping - I could not believe how quickly it arrived.

Rated: 5 Stars

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