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Love C-Salts
by Timothy M. from Richmond, VAon May 20, 2012

I love the C-salts from WholeSale Nutrition. It is effervescent and it disolves almost instantly. You just have to be carefull when filling the glass, you can't put too much liquid in because it foams quickly. So I usually just put the dry powder in and fill the glass about 1/4 full. Then give it a couple of quick stirs and it is disolved. Then fill it up the rest of the way. It does have a slightly bitter taste so you can't add too much. But since it is a powder you can add as much as you want. During cold and flu season or if I get a "scratchy throat" I will make a tea of 1/2 scoop of powdered lemonade and 1/2 to 1 tsp of C-salts (and sometimes a packet of instant Korean Ginsing) and it usually clears right up. I can't imagine living without this stuff. Wholesale nutrition also offers test strips (which I have used) to actually test your C levels... so this stuff does work! You can actually monitor your C levels to be sure. They wouldn't sell test strips if it proved their stuff wasn't working. I can't say too many good things about this stuff sometimes my teenage daughter will ask me to make her "hot lemonade" if she isn't feeling well... And just last week my teenage son was bothered by allergies and I made him a cup of my "hot lemonade w/ ginsing" ... so we all love it.


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