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C-Salts & Rebuilding Your Arterial Blood Vessels
by Robert / Diversified Services from USAon May 22, 2012

Health researcher Jay Patrick, is reported to have said that Hypoascorbemia, a major genetic disease that oppresses all humanity is being virtually ignored. Hypoascorbemia is the inability to produce Vitamin C in our own livers, as do 99.99% of all other animals. The known exceptions: humans, the guinea pig, monkeys, apes, a type of bat and a rare rat. In a 76-year lifetime, the average human heart, weighing a little over one pound, will pump some 52,680,000 gallons of blood, which the arteries must carry about the body. The coronary arteries can withstand this enormous load and the friction on the vessel wall, which are maintained only by continuous replacement of the inner lining, the intima. This lining must remain smoother that the finest silk for good arterial health. But because of poor nutrition, the new cells that try to provide a new lining every two or three days are, with advancing years, of poor quality - the surface of the lining becomes rough and then starts to bleed. Mineral ascorbates hold the key and are essential to maintaining the integrity of the wall of your body's 75,000 miles of arterial blood vessels. Lacking sufficient mineral ascorbates is the beginning downward slope to arterial leaking and body deposition of the combination cholesterol, lipids and calcium. These products, which are essential to body function and, for perhaps 40 years, have circulated freely over a very smooth surface, now start to accumulate, forming sludge that blocks circulation, ultimately bringing on death, or the very temporary patch-up job of a heart bypass. We tell our clients that it is not enough to clean out plaque with products such as EDTA oral chelation - it is also essential to rebuild ones cardiovascular system and that is where C-Salts is an outstanding product of immense benefit, which we recommend to all of our oral chelation clients. So for longevity and disease resistance, C-Salts is a good health insurance policy. Thank you for making this product available and wishing you much success in helping the many who are ready to benefit by incorporating C-Salts into their daily diet.


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