The 1982 Letter from Irwin Stone to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

(Although Dr. Fred Klenner first speculated (1971) that 100 to 300 grams per day of intravenous Vitamin C for up to 3 months could cure cancer, the first actual use (1979) of such heroic amounts of C is described in this letter.)

(Note: Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi won the 1937 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of Vitamin C.)


Dr. Irwin Stone, FIAC
1331 Charmwood Square
San Jose CA 95117
(408) 374 1980

30 August 1982

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
National Foundation for Cancer Research
PO Box 187
Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543

Dear Albert,

It is over a year since I last wrote you. Now, after 7 more published papers on the genetics of scurvy, I want to bring you up to date.

Enclosed is a transcript of my latest paper, presented 26 June 1982, "Scurvy, the Most Misunderstood Epidemic Disease in 20th Century Medicine", Reprint No.120-T, which I thought would interest you because of its implications in cancer research.

Because of the poor and inadequate full correction of the human defective gene for GLO (too little daily ascorbate intake), every cancer victim was born scorbutic, after a 9-month intrauterine bout with scurvy. This poor correction, due to grossly inadequate maternal daily intakes of ascorbate, continues throughout the lifetime of the victims, exposing them constantly to the deleterious physiological insults of Chronic Subclinical Scurvy (the CSS Syndrome). This is a large factor in the genesis of the cancer. Every cancer victim being treated by orthodox oncologists suffers also from a bad case of the CSS Syndrome. When the orthodox cut, burn, and poison techniques prove too much, the cancer victims do not die solely from the cancer lesion, but are pushed into their grave by the exacerbated uncorrected scurvy that is always present. We and other workers in this field haven't really realized the enormous size of daily dosage of ascorbate required for therapy and survival in cancer.

I would like to tell you of an unusual cancer case history that I believe could act as a prototype for future cancer therapy and survival. A 44 year old chemist and patent attorney, a friend of mine, Joe Kieninger, in May 1973, was diagnosed as having prostatic cancer and received the usual high risk surgery and radiation therapy. In November 1977 a bone scan indicated the cancer had metastasized to the pelvic bone. At that time he was declared "terminal" with about 1 year to live. In January 1978, he started taking laetrile and 2 grams of ascorbic acid a day. After 10 months the cancer was still growing slowly and he modified his therapy to ascorbate orally at 24 grams per day. The cancer continued to grow and a new pelvic tumor was found as well as a tumor in the lung. In May 1979 he increased his ascorbate intake to 80 grams per day and at this level there was no cancer growth for the next 6 months. During the past 2½ years he had the cancer under control and it grew only when his ascorbate intakes were less than 80 grams a day, or he went off his diet (no beef, candy, etc.) but stayed at 80 grams a day. During this time one pelvic tumor and rib cage tumor regressed. His primary pelvic bone tumor has not grown for 16 months and several times his lung tumors have not grown for 3 month periods. Since he began taking 80 grams a day in 1979, his well-being has been excellent. He says he feels great most of the time, has also been able to continue working every day and lives a fairly normal life of the years since November 1978 when orthodox medicine said he would be dead. Visually he looks more like an athlete than a terminal cancer patient. Recently he has been feeling poorly because of some unusual excessive stresses. His wife broke her ankle and he had to take care of her and his home in addition to work and also underwent surgery. In the last few weeks he has been able to improve his well-being by increasing his ascorbate intake to 130 to 150 grams per day!! He has been taking oral doses every hour of 5 to 10 grams of a mixture of nine parts sodium ascorbate plus one part ascorbic acid dissolved in water. These doses are well tolerated and within "bowel tolerance" and he has had no trouble from diarrhea except just lately when he had to reduce the 150 grams a day to 130 grams.

I believe Joe's case is a classic and a good demonstration that if sufficient ascorbate is given to fully conteract all the incident stresses, then the cancer can be controlled. If given early enough in this disease, then cancer may no longer be a problem. Up to now we just haven't realized how big these daily controlling doses have to be.

Joe occasionally goes over to see Dr. Barry Saltzman of our local Holistic Medical Group for a booster IV shot of sodium ascorbate. Dr. Saltzman ran some ascorbate determinations on Joe's blood and came up with the highest blood levels I ever saw. At one point it was 35 mg%!! Our so-called "normal" but scorbutic population averages 1 mg% or less, our kidney threshold is 1.4 mg%.

Last year Joe also went to see Dr. Ewan Cameron of Scotland when he was visiting at the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Cameron was astounded at his 35 mg% blood values. In the published Cameron and Pauling cancer work, they only used a maximum dose of 20 grams of ascorbate a day.

I would like to see a crash ascorbate program started on terminal cancer patients using doses in the ranges found by Joe Keininger to keep his cancer under control. Since these "terminals" have been abandoned by orthodox medicine, they have nothing to lose but their ill health. If we could add years of survival and fairly normal living as Joe did, then it might be an incentive for orthodox oncologists to properly use ascorbate in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Maybe your NFCR could start the ball rolling on this terminal cancer salvage program.

Proper funding for work of this type is always a problem and your Foundation probably needs funds just as mine and Linus Pauling's does. To help the Linus Pauling Institute with its fund raising drives, I've agreed to autograph copies of my book, THE HEALING FACTOR, "VITAMIN C" AGAINST DISEASE, to be given to any donor contributing $100. or more. I would be happy to make available to NFCR, reprints of my scientific papers for this purpose such as the enclosed Reprint No.120-T on "Scurvy" or Reprint No.85, "The Genetics of Scurvy and The Cancer Problem", or any other of about 50 reprints listed in the enclosed list, if you want to use them in your NFCR Research Review. Please let me know how I can help.

I'm sorry this letter became so long. With kind regards and best wishes,

Sincerely yours

(signed) Irwin

Encl. 3 Reprints No.120-T, No.85,
List of Publications 1965-1982
cc. - Joseph Keininger, 1125 Casaba Creek Court
San Jose, CA 95120

21st Century readers: mg% = milligrams (of vitamin C)
in 100 grams of water or other liquid = parts per 100,000.
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