Beta Carotene

Our Beta Carotene contains 15 mg of Beta Carotene, equivalent to 25,000 International Units of Vitamin A, 500% of the RDA for adults.

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The carotenes possess antioxidant properties. Beta Carotene serves several biological functions including involvement in the synthesis of certain glycoproteins. Vitamin A supplement deficiency leads to abnormal bone development, disorders of the reproductive system, xerophthalmia (a drying condition of the cornea of the eye), and ultimately death. 

Commercially available beta carotene is produced synthetically or from palm oil, algae, or fungi. Beta-carotene is converted to retinol, which is essential for vision and is subsequently converted to retinoic acid, which is used for processes involving growth and cell differentiation.

Size 800 capsules
Strength 15 mg = 25,000 IU
Serving Size 1 capsule
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Benefits of beta carotene

My dermatologist suggested that I take a supplement of beta carotene to help prevent my warts and other skin disorders--since I have had this daily supplement, I have no more warts and the disorders are gone--no kidding! This is a terrific product!

By a member from Belmont, NCUSA on May 17, 2012