Chewable Vitamin C

These Chewable Vitamin C tablets may be the only way to get vitamin C down the kids. A nice tart taste, the convenience of tablets, and only very slightly acidic.100% sugar-free, no GMO's.

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Does Not Contain: Yeast, Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Sugar, Salt, Dairy, Fish, Preservatives, Artificial Colors. No GMO's.

Our Chewable Vitamin C contains rose hips, acerola, and citrus bioflavonoids (the benefits of which are still controversial). Because sodium ascorbate is used to keep down the acidity, so as not to affect tooth enamel, each tablet contains 23 mg of sodium (plus 250 mg of C). The excipients are the same as in the Ascorbic Acid Tablets, except we added a natural citrus flavor, and sorbitol, a non-sugar natural sweetener.


Size 700 tablets
Strength 250 mg
Serving Size 1 tablet
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Chewable Vitamin C

I recently made my first order from Wholesale Nutrition. I am very pleased with the chewable Vitamin C for my children. I love it that it has no added sugar, that it is in a form that will not harm their teeth, and that it doesn't taste like candy! The taste is pleasant enough. I also like the 250 mg tablets, as I feel they don't need a large dose because of the high quality, and the lack of unnecessary added ingredients that most brands have. I also like the large quantity, as I have a large family. I am very pleased!

By a member from North Pole, Alaska on Jul 4, 2015

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